Entrance Matting


In line with The Building Regulations and British Standards, barrier matting is required to help provide safe access for all users of buildings, including wheelchair users, in line with the Equality Act 2010.

The most effective entrance matting systems consist of a variety of products, each with a specific job, aggressively scraping off dirt, removing additional debris and moisture, and drying any remaining moisture to effectively clean the bottom of shoes before reaching the interior flooring.

All of the products work together to improve safety and reduce the risk of liability from potential slip and fall accidents.

Effective Barrier matting systems that are correctly specified are aimed at minimising accidents caused by wet or soiled floors, they reduce overall maintenance costs by lowering the amount of dirt and moisture that can be brought into your building.



Studies have shown 80% and more of the debris in buildings are walked in via peoples shoes.  With just 16 linear feet of matting, 75% of dirt and moisture can be contained to an entrance area.

If room allows fitting approximately 30 linear feet of matting will ensure that each foot has contact with matting about 6 times.

This would then allow for footwear cleaning to occur as soon as your staff or client enters the building.



LVT’s, ceramic, granite, vinyl’s and hardwood are common floor coverings used for commercial buildings. Dirt and moisture can cause scratches, scuff marks and staining on interior flooring surfaces.

Entrance matting can help to remove damaging particles from the bottoms of shoes before reaching your new interior flooring and will help to keep up its fresh appearance.

Other areas that are points of heavy wear and soiling such as staircases, foyers & receptions, lift lobbies, corridors and walkways,  canteen and service areas must also be considered.


Client and Staff Impressions

Choosing the right mix of products will influence the effectiveness of the entrance system with various colours and styles it also heightens the first impression of your building.

Foot grille products are best for scraping off dirt and keeping it out plain view for a clean image at the entrance.  Some fibre matting products are better than others at hiding the dirt but even when it can’t be seen, daily vacuuming of commercial entrance matting is important to make room to capture more dirt.

We can assist you via our manufacturers with guidance on, fire ratings, polypropylene, needle punch, cut pile, low profile nosing, Bitumen backing and all kinds of technical details.