Domestic Carpets

All types of Domestic Carpets available including; Entry Level, Stain Resistant, Family Friendly, Low Maintenance, Bleach Cleanable, Luxury Wool & Saxony Carpets

We have accounts with Cormar, Brockway, Hugh Mackay, Leonis, Cavalier, Kingsmead, Telenzo, Clean Easy, Gaskell and many more so we can offer you competitive prices. Northants Flooring ltd can measure, supply samples and fit the flooring for you.

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Features and benefits of Carpet

Nothing feels as good as a soft and luxurious carpet, it provides safe and comfortable areas for children, sound absorption and warmth to your home.

With a huge range of different colours, designs and materials available it can be difficult to choose the best carpet for your home, our expert team can offer you informed advise for your next carpet.

Here are descriptions of the types of carpet to help you find the style which best suits your home >

Twist Pile
twist pile

Twist pile carpet is made from yarn that has been twisted and set to form a pile with a slightly textured surface.

Loop Pile
loop pile

Loop pile carpet yarn forms loops on the surface of the carpet, either in uniform height, creating a level loop pile, or with differing heights creating a textured loop pile.


Saxony carpets are longer dense pile carpets made to create a luxurious deep pile effect. Available in both wool and manmade fibres.

Underlay and why its best to change it.

Getting the most from your new carpet can be helped by matching your new floor to the correct underlay.

Underlay increases your underfoot comfort and insulates, and most importantly it extends the life of the carpet by taking the impact away from your new floor and into the underlay.

At Northants Flooring we can provide the correct underlay for any flooring type.

Carpet facts:

One of the oldest carpet known is called Pazyryk carpet and was discovered in the 1940’s in a Scythian tomb in Siberia

When Vacuums were first introduced they didn’t sell as well as expected, due to people finding the thought of their home having dirty carpet to be offensive

Carpets last longer if they are cleaned professionally every year.

If carpets are kept properly clean they can improve the air quality in your home, because your vacuum eliminates dust allergens that are held in the carpet stopping them from recirculating into the air.