Commercial Wood Flooring
Features And Benefits Of Commercial Wood Flooring.

Affordable - With the latest technologies our trusted Engineered wood manufactures prices have become much more reasonable , so even though it looks like its cost a fortune it now won’t break the bank !

Strength and durability - High quality Engineered wood is manufactured, installed, and finished to certain standards so that it can last for generations., quality Engineered wood floors are tough, hard-wearing, and have long term durability. With its clever construction Engineered wood flooring doesn’t expand and contract like real wood, this makes it safe to use in environments where moisture and temperature levels fluctuate.

High quality look - Along with its visual high-end aesthetic, engineered wood floors offer the warmth and charm to a room which never goes out of style.

long-term investment - Choosing Engineered wood floors increases the value of your building. Dependant on the top layer thickness you can sand down a number of times and even refinish the wood with a different colour stain to further add to its flexibility and Variety There are many colours, styles, and stains available.

Healthy indoor air quality - Engineered Wood floors are a healthy choice for your home and work environments. They have no fibres, grouted type areas, or embossing that can harness everyday dust particles, pollen and other allergens that can occur with carpets. They are viewed by some as one of the best choice of flooring with allergy sufferers and can contribute to a much healthier air quality indoors .