commercial carpet tiles
Northants Flooring fit Carpet tiles in the following Market Sectors:

Commercial Offices,

Offices generate a huge customer base for us, with an ever-increasing range of designs and colour to make the workplace more interesting. This is becoming a key request when we are quoting that it stimulates staff and customers.


Colleges and Universities along with Student Accommodation

We have a comprehensive selection of carpet tiles from all manufacturers that are suitable for colleges and universities. Our brand partners products have been installed by us in many high-profile university and college buildings

Many of our carpet tile ranges are also well suited to student accommodation and halls of residence, including individual rooms, corridors, and common areas


Schools and Academies

We provide reliable carpet tile solutions for the education sector, we offer a huge spectrum of products for this market



Carpet tile ranges are perfectly suitable for different leisure venues including gyms, sports arenas, theatres, tennis and snooker clubs. There are also many more applications are available.

Features And Benefits Of Carpet Tiles.

Carpet tiles have a number of attractive advantages in comparison to hard flooring.

Extremely durable Wear-resistant and highly cost-effective.

Carpet tile designed for high traffic business use, heavy duty and built to last.

Easy to maintain with regular sweeping and vacuuming to remove any debris.

Huge options.

You can blend colours and shapes to link in with the style that you’re looking for they can be combined almost infinitely to produce an extensive collection of patterns, textures and colours.

Provides thermal insulation - saves energy making them Environmentally friendly.

Commercial Carpet